Day 1: 

We Drove to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. We camped at a site that also had a hot spring swimming hole. The Dunes were beautiful and the swimming was awesome, especially considering it was pretty chilly and we even had some good burgers for dinner. One of the highlights was being able to see the rare event of the beginning of the river. 

Day 2 and 3: 

We Drove to Dallas.  Hung out with old friends and went to the Dallas Art Museum. Later in the evening we went to a local house show met up with old friends and slept over night in a child day care. 

Day 4: Kaboom wrote and recorded 10 songs then played a show in Dallas. Also, it was the birthday of  Jeff and Chris.

Day 5:

Woke up in Dallas and drove to Carlsbad N.M. 

Day 6: 

Toured Carlsbad. We went on the King Palace tour and it blew minds. Then we drove to Albuquerque N.M. where I did had a Stand Up Comedy set and we hung out with Marty. 

Day 7:

Woke up and drove to Meteor Crater then stopped in Flagstaff AZ.  It was very windy at Meteor Crater but it was really awesome seeing it and experiencing how big it is in person. We hung out and had some drinks and dinner with an old friend Brie.

Day 8: 

Woke up in Flagstaff had breakfast then went and explored Lava Cave. Lava Cave is an extinct lava tunnel that is in the hills just outside of town. To explore it you need a flashlight and it is totally self guided. It was a really great hike and there where many great discoveries to be had. The cave is about a mile long and in some places the rooms reach 30 feet tall. 

Day 9: 

Left Flagstaff and visited Arches National Park

Day 10:

We woke up in Grand Junction and drove home. The critters were happy to see us.