I have found myself in a few different bands and art projects that have used diverse, odd instruments or creative mics. The most common needs when dealing with such things can be summed up as one of three problems:  1.”this needs LOUD,” 2. ”This is too LOUD,” 3. ”This needs GUTS.” 

examples include: 

In the past I often just brought a long a suit case full of pedals and mixed and matched them until I found the right combination that made whatever it was that I was playing sound right. So, to help solve this problem, I made this little three in one pedal. 

The first button is a basic but drastic boost. (”this needs LOUD”)

The second button is a slightly overdriven fuzz (”This needs GUTS”)

And the knob on top is a full signal volume. (”This is too LOUD”)

Here is a small sample of what it sounds like. 

Time 0 -.15 sec = clean signal

Time .15 - .37 = Fuzz (then returns to clean)

Time .42 - 1.04 = Boost

Time 1.04- 1.27 = Boost and Fuzz 

Then back to Fuzz, mess with the volume knob a bit and all off to clean. 

I designed it to be small so it doesn’t even have room for a 9 volt inside, and more often than not I it will be on a table, next to or in the instrument.

It is nothing fancy but it will make my life a lot easier.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Here are a couple more recordings I did with the SuitBass to test it out.