This is the second version of the Suit Bass. I really enjoyed the first one I made but over the years I discovered some of its short comings. So, I took it apart and used the needed parts to build this one. 

I added a curve to the strings on this instrument that the last one did not have. This will make it a lot easier to play individual strings when using a bow. I made a nicer bridge for this instrument that will help it stay in tune and I added a pickup that is attached to the instrument with an area to hold the cord. The pickup itself is an old Kenmore speaker I reverse engineered. I went the rout of an old speaker to decrease feedback and also add that “old time” sound. I also designed the suit case to easily open and allow for storage for shows. Also, being that it’s a suit case it might as well hold extra items while its taking up space when not being used. This whole project was also another random garbage project. To build this I used old parts and scraps I laying around or took from the first Suit Bass. 

The instrument is not completely finished just yet but it is at a point that I cannot really work on it much more for a while.  I will let it set up and randomly play with it but over the next few weeks the wood and strings will settle. Once that happens I will be able to see if there are any weak points or minor fixes I need to repair. Once that is finished I plan on taking it apart,cleaning out the inside, sanding the wood a bit more, adding some stain and some glue in needed places.  

I will add some recordings as I get them and as the instrument settles. 

More updates will come when they happen