This is the product of a weekend with nothing planned. I found an old chair and an old suit case in the dumpster near my house and decided they were still useful. I had to gut much of the suit case and reinforce it to be able to handle the load of the strings. But without much difficulty it all came together. It has an internal home made contact mic and it keeps tune pretty well. I have used it on many recordings but the track titled "SuitBass or Chairllo" (listen here) on Musical Wallpaper 3 (listen here) is the only solo instrument track I have up right now. It has a range of sounds spanning from percussion to string picking but I mostly play it using a glass slide or a bow like a cello.  

Here is a video of me playing it with a group of other instruments on stage as a guest with the band WhoreMoans (video here)

In regard to photo quality:

When I am engrossed in a project documentation is never in the fore front of my mind. So I could apologize for the quality of the pictures or you could just get over it. 

Here are a couple more recordings. These are done with the aid of a pedal, Tri-Harder, I made. 

Up Date: After a few years, a few shows, and a few good times, I have taken this instrument apart and used its parts to build a better one. Information about it can be found here Suit Bass  10.01.16