I have made many of these Tin Can Instruments over the years but they are usually destroyed on stage or at a drunken overzealous band practice. They are quick easy and fun.  

This was a project born out of the need to do something with those old popcorn tins you always collect during the holidays. With a simple homemade contact mic a few bolts, a guitar string, and some scrap wood one can annoy just about anyone. As you can imagine, this little piece of instrument makes a lot of different sounds and has been used in many recordings but where it is best represented is the song Snow Man Can 3 (listen here) from Musical Wallpaper 3 (listen here). That song is, aside from a snare in the background entirely they Snow Man Can.  

In regard to photo quality:

When I am engrossed in a project documentation is never in the fore front of my mind. So I could apologize for the quality of the pictures or you could just get over it.