Well, I think my first act of this month was to release... or make public without telling one... the release of 2 albums that I have been sitting on since Feb. One is dedicated to Bones because she was there while I recorded and played it. She use to sit with me for hours while I played my guitar and give me feedback on songs. She either had great taste or I was blinded by admiration, either way she would always let me know how she felt about my songs.  I will probably go back and rename all of these songs as numbers but who knows, sometimes lazy has no bounds. 

I have really been missing her the last week or so. Strength seems to come in waves. 

CPA - Bones

CPA - Bones

CPA - Studio Sessions

CPA - Studio Sessions

So the first thing I did was to take down the two albums I posted last night….. I put them back up…. I dont know how long they will stay there.

On Labor day we went over the Rich's house and recorded two songs with Grackle Records. It was a fun time and we all probably had a bit too much to drink. I don't think we made too much of a fool out of ourselves though, at least hopefully not at least. I look forward to hearing what the songs sound like though. They were messing with them pretty heavy, putting reverb on the vocals and delay on the drums. I think we have already thrown one out. 

We recorded on Monday and then on Friday we played a show at Goosetown. It was a fun night, the line up was Moon Pussy, Wild Call, and Rat Bites. The sound guy was kind of a tool, he made us turn down to an extreme but I also don't think they are use to bands that are as loud as we are. After the show Rich came by the studio and we got pretty hammered and played some music. It was good times. 

The next day I mostly worked on another book and watched nature documentaries. Then I fixed the broken sewing machine, now it needs a new needlie. 

Over the rest of the weekend I got a new needle for the sewing machine. Then I tailored a few of my old pants as well as my work pants. Then I made my first cross stitch. I also worked a lot on another book for Carter and while I was able to do a lot of work it was all formatting crap which is very unsatisfying yet needed.

Crissy was also able to talk Samantha into finishing off my Kustom amp so that is back in play and I was able to use it at practice on Monday. And we bought two 12 inch speakers off Jhiiimm for 20 bucks. They are not the best but the price was right and they will do well in smaller amps.

This week was annoying. Someone backed into my truck at work and so I had to fix my tail lights. I also worked an extra 2 hours a day. I did make another Crossstich and I might be getting sued. On Sunday we went up to Evergreen and hung out at the lake for a bit, had some breakfast at a local cafe then went to see Adam. We got some candy and new socks.

Not much happened this week, I have been working a lot of extra over time and that has sucked but hopefully it will be some good extra money. I did however do some more needle work. Also on 9.22.18 Crissy and I got drunk and crashed a millionair’s house party. They had a live band and so at least there is that.

This week I made some more band stickers that Crissy was able to print off. Moon Pussy also played a pretty fun show at 7th Circle. I was also able to get the latest finished book about dinos to Carter. I was able to finish off the first quilt that I ever made, to teach myself how to sew. AND we went and hung out with a new friend Laura at Cheeseman Park where we had some bites and even got to see a random live band.