Finished on 8.22.16

This guitar was a “let’s see what I can make” kind of build. All of the parts were left overs from other projects and extras one often finds in the back of a tool box if one works on their own gear much. I did spend a couple dollars on the dark stain but that is all I purchased for this project. 

The First black knob is the tone knob for the Neck and Bridge pickup as well as a push pull knob that when pulled out coil taps the Neck pick up turning it into a single coil.

The First brown knob is a volume knob that only affects the Neck and Bridge pick up. This allows me essentially turn off the Neck and Bridge pickup if desired.

The Second knob is a master volume that affects all sound on the guitar.

The Second black knob is a tone knob for the Post Bridge pickup. 

In total, as you can see, it has three humbucker pickups, four knobs and a pickup selector. The run down is as follows. The pickup selector is a three way switch that selects:

position 1 Neck pickup only,

position 2 Neck and Bridge pickup,

position 3 Bridge and Post Bridge pick up. 

There is a lot of debate about the angle of the strings behind the bridge, and without going into a lot of detail I will say, I have found in my experience both sides of the argument are valid. But I chose a very small angle with this instrument for two basic reasons, first and foremost is that the low angle allows room for the third pickup and second, the low angle provides a for a much longer sustain. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

these test recordings were recorded using this little practice amp and a free cell phone app. so keep that in mind when judging sound quality. I will make better recordings as time allows.