This month has had a pretty slow start. I have been do a bit more writing but that has yet to make itself into anything yet. I did finally get back the Four Short Stories book I had printed and have been making more pop up cards.

The 2nd weekend of the month was not eventful per say but was fun. We woke up and went to the ARC to get the last of the material for the Comforter I am working on, then we ate at Bagel Deli and went hiking a bit. After that we stopped in at the Natural Science Museum in Morrison. They had some fun dino skeletons. One of the paleontologist gave us a personal tour and we learned some fun things. After that we came home and watched “scary” movies and crafted. I worked on the comforter and Crissy worked on her Eye Ball costume.

This month is seeming to be pretty mellow for me. This last week I did not seem to get much done. I did take Weds off because, well, fuck work, and worked on some things but most of it was consisted of going to the studio, reformatting the bug book and finishing off the comforter. This will probably be the last quilt I make for a while. I don’t mind making them but I don’t think there is need for any more and they would just become clutter. But the only real reason I made them in the first place is to teach myself how to sew. For that they helped a lot. I am not the best in the world but I can at least sew a straight line and I am a lot more comfortable hemming and working with fabric

I also put these together, quick, easy, and silly

Last night we went to go see Ground Above Zero and The Gones. I was a good time. That night it snowed so I got up and went to the mountains while Crissy slept off her hangover. Then I stopped in at Gravity Music and found a few good deals. I picked up a 15’ speaker for the JMF and got a Peavey PA for the studio.

We had a show at Thought/Forums last Weds. We opened up for Sarah Ruth Alexander, Called Jim last min and he was able to play, then Pole cat played. It was a fund show. I also got some bugs in plastic that I am going to use for more books. Then over the weekend John and Jasta came out to visit for the beer fest. we had a lot of fancy beers, hung out, went to Trve and generally had a good time.

On the 27th we played a show at the Warrens that was a sort of Halloween show. Crissy made Eyeball heads and good times were had by all. Also, someone down the hall from us at the studio was cleaning out their room and gave us some random gear. The amp is cool but is not in perfect working order. So that is another project for sure.