On the 2nd we played a show at Lions Lair with The Last Great American Rock Band and Grave Moss. It was good times and we all made a fool of ourselves drinking as we normally do.

This weekend we went to the MCA which was pretty cool, we even found an ally of cats! Then we went home and work on projects and chilled out in attempts to generally recover from all the over time at work

Picked up an Oscilloscope and got in a few new toys for Carters Books. This week has been busy with tearing open amps and doing a lot of research. Fun times

I have been working on Carters next book about Fossils. Also I was able to find a copy of Vacho’s Zine that came out which features an interview with MP. I have continued to dig around in amps and finally fixed my old EMC 4 channel mixer which is pretty great. I also went and hung out with Rich and he gave me a tattoo, which is pretty cool and we filmed Adam for a Moon Pussy video.

Had Thanksgiving over at Cory’s place and went to see Princess Dewclaw play a show. Crissy was out of town to see her sister so it was a pretty mellow weekend

I got another Carter book finished which is nice. I also got a new amp and a bias meter to help with the tubes. I upgraded another guitar strap and worked on some more amps. I got a new switch for the Mace and learned that it has 2 bad tubes.