Friday night I started work on another book. This one is a book about Dinos.... 

Saturday I went up to the mountains again and found some fun little trails. 

These two books finally came in the mail. So they are officially finished. On to the next ones.  

Cover Front 12.jpg

It seemed like a lot happened this last week but it also did not feel like much happened. I went to a funeral of an old friend. It was an odd experience. My mother came into town and I mostly hung out with her over the weekend for mothers day. I did not feel very productive in the way of projects but social productivity is good as well. 

We did go see Clutch Plague at the Lions Lair, I finally got the BBE pedal, and we caught a mouse. So I guess a few things happened.   

Its been another slow week. I did not do too many things as far as projects go aside from rebuilding one of my old 4/12 cabs. It had stopped working a few months ago so I rewired it with a larger gauge wire and set it up as 4 ohm Series / Parallel. I have plans to make it an optional 8 ohm as well but this was easy and functional for now. Also I attached some hinges and clips to the back panel to allow it to open giving it more storage for function and travel. 

Also, on Saturday I went up to the mountains with Adam and hung out a bit which was good times and always refreshing as the mountains are. Other then that we have been spending Mondays and Thursdays at the studio and pushing a few ideas forward in the band. In the last month or so we have written 3 new songs and struggled getting some choice old songs back. There is a lot of talk about a tour but I don't know if we can get our shit together for all of that just yet. 

These are a few Dino Pictures I have been making for the next book. I am not sure how long I want to make the book just yet but I have been enjoying the water color markers. 

Also I am starting my first cap replacement on this old amp. Hopefully it goes well. 

On Sunday we went over to Cory's place and made our first run of shirts. They all came out really well. I was impressed at how well many actually turned out. It was not hard but was pretty messy. Then on Monday we fixed up Crissy's Cab with some wheels and then went Geo-Caching and were able to find 2 within 3 miles of our place. It was a good way to spend an evening