On the first weekend of March Crissy and I went up and hiked St. Marie's Glacier. It was a beautiful day out and not too cold. The trail was still frozen for the most part as was the lake but it was a fun time

Chris came out to visit for a few days and we did a lot. Aside from making the rounds and seeing people we got tattoos, had dinners, a game night, flew kites and shot off rockets. Even Leo flew a Kite for a while. 

This weekend was kind of a short one because I had to spend a large part of Saturday at what I have come to call my quarterly "fuck off meeting" at work. But after that I spent some time finally planning out and  my next guitar project. This one will take some time and be a pretty big ordeal. We will see how it goes. 

On Sunday we woke up and rode our bikes out to an adventure brunch / lunch. It was a pretty good place called MoonGate just down the street. After that we cleaned out the garage a bit and then took Leo on a walk to the park for some Frisbee practice. We made it home just in time for it to start raining and the snowing. 

Monday (3.19.18) we went up to the studio to work on an old song and see if we could breath new life into it... we will see how it stands the test of time. This is an orginal version / idea of the song that was recorded a few months ago. 

This last week has felt very slow. I have been able to make it up to the studio a few times and that is good. I have been doing some more planning on the guitar and I found a few more unfinished journals that I made covers for and will slowly decorate before I either give them away or burn them this weekend. I have made a few batches of what I call "gut wine" o "high school hooch" for old times sake. In the end I should have about 14 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of wash. We will see how it turns out. 

Adam came over Saturday night and hung out for a bit. We made pizza and burned a stack of old art work. It was a good time. I made a recording and turned it into a video for CPA

Sunday we woke up and went on another bike adventure. We were trying to go to a place called Lucy's but I looked up the wrong one on accident and instead of an American Diner we ended up at an Ethiopian restaurant. But it was good and we enjoyed it. On the way home we stopped by an estate sale and got a new area rug then took Leo for a walk. The wine is still fermenting away...

The Easter weekend was buys but I did not take many pictures. Friday Night we tried the wine for the first time. It was very strong... very strong. But way too sweet so we will let it continue to do its thing. On Saturday we hung out with Essie which was nice to do again. She  is a good friend and time spent with her is always time well spent. On Sunday we ate lunch with my father and hung out over there for a little while catching up then came home and had a couple drinks with Alexia and Jozzy. All in all it was a mellow weekend. The only project I have been really working on is the Bug Book I have been making. Hopefully it will be done soon.