Because of this, the jack didn't have a solid anchor on the guitar and was basically held in place by the wires connecting it to the pots (bad news). So, I made a new pick guard from scratch and reinforced it, anchoring it to the body on the inside to give it more support.

Teisco (Guyatones)Tradition (Zen-On)

This is one of my favorite guitars but was a hassle to use do to a broken pick guard. The pick guard was broken due to stress from the jack, as you can see in the picture below. 

I may go back eventually and get another vintage pick guard or paint this one to have the original mother of pearl look to it. But for now this works and I am just happy she is back, this guitar will always be one of my favorites. The guitar to the left is not my guitar, its just a picture I found on line to represent what the guitar looks like with the original factory pick guard

And yes, those are the classic gold foil pick ups that Ry Cooder and Vai were so adamant about. 

In regard to photo quality:

When I am engrossed in a project documentation is never in the fore front of my mind. So I could apologize for the quality of the pictures or you could just get over it.