The Before

The Brutal

I made it a new pick guard, one of my hand made wooden ones. This gave me the chance to try my hand at double reinforcing the wood around the jack to give it extra support in the area. I rewired most of the electronics and fixed a bad ground. The new wiring allows for a wider range in each pick up as well as the guitar as a whole.

All in all she plays well and has that  vintage tin like sound that is characteristic of these old guitars. The whammy bar is great, the thing is so large that it is easy to really go wild on it. Lots of fun!




In regard to photo quality:

When I am engrossed in a project documentation is never in the fore front of my mind. So I could apologize for the quality of the pictures or you could just get over it. 

The Global.

It could use new tuning pegs but all in all its a pretty solid guitar. I did a quite bit of work on the body of the guitar, filled holes and repaired a lot of surface damage. There were a few minor cracks that needed to be repaired at the neck joint and the pick guard was pretty warped. I also replaced the bridge. I decided to leave the largest hole in the guitar, kind of  gives it a unique touch character, it would be easy enough to go back and fill in if I decide to but I kind of like it.

I repainted it but have yet to really decide if I like the strips yet. In my head they looked better being that the knobs and tuning pegs were white. If you have any thoughts or opinions on the stripes let me know.