Continuing with my projects


Feb 2nd Moon Pussy

We played a show at Mutiny with Grave Moss and Surf Moms. It was a good turn out and everyone enjoyed the new stickers and patches. 

Long Horn

During practice my Longhorn broke as sometimes happens with such things. So I had to rewire the ground shielding. It was a small but important project. 

Pick ups 

I took apart an old 9 volt wall adapter an rewired and added some magnets to turn it into a small guitar pick up. Its a pretty fun little thing and sounds pretty good. For tests an grins I attached it to the old Dresser Drawer guitar thing I built a while ago. I feel like it preformed a lot better then I thought it was going to considering what it was attached to. I did however attach it a touch too close to the strings so you can hear them it the pick up randomly in the recordings.

I made a few more pick ups and messed around with them trying to figure out a few questions I had. I wired them up in the Drawer again in series and learned a little more about them. 

I made a few more pick ups and messed around with them trying to figure out a few questions I had. I wired them up in the Drawer again in series and learned a little more about them. 

Coffin Case

This is the start of the Coffin Case project. I want to do some heavy repair work on this case before things get worse with it. The structural integrity of the case is solid and the interior is in perfect condition but the outside has a lot of battle scars from the shows and use. The case has a lot of scuffs and scratches and the external wrapping is starting to peel away from the body of the case pretty badly. 

pictures of the finished case. 

Fine Tune set up

The Arch Top

I did a bit more fine tuning on this guitar. Nothing huge but I was able to get it better set up. 


This little project is nothing too exciting in comparison but I have really been enjoying it. I made myself a super simple Jawari that retrofits onto the Archtop Silvertone I rebuilt a while back (info about the Archtop here). I have come very close to buying a sitar more then a few times in my life but could never pull the trigger on the finances. So this is what I came up with for now. Not fancy but functional. Its also easy to change out this for the old bridge so the guitar is not altered at all. 


This guitar had been acting a bit weird fora while now, to I took it apart to see what I could find the problem. I did a bit of digging and messing with wires but eventually figured out that its the switches on the top that are going bad. So without finding new replacments I think its just something I will have to deal with. The guitar is still fully functional, it just takes putting the switches in the right position. I was hoping it was just a bad solder. Oh, well. 



Another new experiment of mine is to try and make my own yeast. This one is a waiting game.... We will see if it works 


While I never made anything with the yeast, I would call this a success. 

The Harmony Continued

So, this is a classic case of not being able to leave well enough alone. After I fixed the guitar up it did play really well and sounded fine with nylon strings. But within my collection it was redundant. I already have an acoustic guitar with nylon strings and considering the work I already did to it makes it generally unsaleable I figured I couldn't make it any worse.  Also, while I did do a lot of work to the bridge of the guitar the belly of the guitar was warped from the years of pull. So why not just cut it out.

I made the floating bridge from an old spatula and the resonator bells from an old pasta strainer and cooking pot lid.  I cut the original bridge in half and used it. It was a fun project and now  I have a resonator. I like the way it sounds and will post recordings eventually. 

Messing around Drunk on some guitars

Random Tracks written over the month at the studio 


I have been thinking about putting out another CPA album... Not sure if it is worth the effort but here are some ideas in that direction. 

I have given up on many of the people I know. I don't think I fit into their understanding of cultural norms. I do not feel like my friendship has been valued and I am tired of asking people to care about things. So I am pushing forward on my own and focusing on my needs and the things that make me happy with or without them. Anyone is welcome to join me but I have a strong feeling that interest will die out once I stop begging. 

I sold off the Epiphone Les Paul Special II for a hundred dollars. It was in perfect condition so someone got a really good deal. I originally picked it up for 50 bucks because I wanted to use it as the base for another weird build but in the end decided that I should let it go... But as it turns out a week later I found a second one at a pawn shop and was able to talk them down to 40 bucks. This second black one is in much worse shape generally speaking but has everything I wanted as a base for my build. So after everything was said and done I made 60 bucks and got a guitar for my project. 

The one I sold off

The new one I bought

This little amp I have had around the apt for a while now. There is nothing super special about it aside from that it was broken. A friend of mine destroyed it on stage a while ago and gave it to me afterwards. I opened it up and fixed some connections and its good as new... well almost. The box it is in is pretty broken up and I might transfer it to something a bit better one of these days. 

Crissy suprised me with tickets to go see the Symphony. It was a great date and a lot of fun even though we were unable to find one another and sit together.