Crissy and I went to see some world music at the college for her class. it was a good time and a pleasant way to spend the evening. We also went to H-Mart …. on a sunday…. So that Crissy could make a huge amount of Ramen. Which was awesome as per usual.

We got the new computer in the mail this week… it has a bad power supply. So we are waiting on new parts so that we can use it. At least the guy on the phone seemed nice.

Well Dec has certainly been my least effective at keeping up with this journal but that seems to be the best option, given the year. This last weekend or two has been busy. I have worked on amps, hung out with my sister (drinks and food downtown), done the band practices, made things, and generally adventured.

I made an embroidery with left over garbage embroidery string that was going to be thrown out. I have made a lot of vinyl bags of sorts from large rolls of vinyl that was saved from the dump . I was able to see and hang out with my mother for an Xamss evening and give her the quilt I made. And on the holiday itself Crissy and I went to Cory’s place for Tamales, booze, Tattoos, and general craziness along with a bonfire.