This guitar is not as interesting as some of the others might be, but I am adding it to the projects list because I did do a lot of work to it. When I got this guitar as a gift it was pretty destroyed. Almost all of the glued joints were pulling apart and it had broken tuning machines as well as a few other minor issues. I took it apart and re-glued all the joints, replaced the broken tuning machine and repaired some other minor problems. Its now a playable guitar once again and it sounds great. Its my first full size acoustic guitar. 

Here are a couple recordings of the guitar for the heck of it. I used a garbage mic directly into the computer so its not the best sound quality. But live it sounds pretty good. It has a lot of weird over tones and harmonics when you use a slide, I tried to pick some of that up but it didn't come out as clear as I would have liked. Either way, Enjoy