Did not do a lot of new stuff yet this month. I have been doing some more experimenting on my High School Wine and spent most of a weekend sanding and shaping my next guitar project. It is a large project but should be worth it hopefully. 

This month has been kind of taken over by the guitar project. I have been doing a lot of sanding and building the different parts. I could finish it a lot quicker but I am also trying to take my time and make everything a bit of a higher quality. Hopefully it will pay off. 

This weekend I worked on the guitar a bit more of course but also went hiking up in the mountains on Saturday morning then stopped by Brewaility for a beer on the way home. Later Jozzy came over and we had a few drinks and went to dinner. I have also been writing a lot of new comics. I am not sure what I will do with them yet but I like how quick and easy they are to draw. It helps serve to the idea and not the process. 

The weekend of the 20th was dedicated to finishing the guitar. I ran into a lot more wiring issues then I thought I was going to but all in all I think I have it in a position to field test it for a while. I generally kept the weekend mellow so as to fend off a looming illness. It wasn't very exciting but I am glad to have the guitar in its current condition. 

This weekend Crissy is in Texas for her grandmother's Birthday. So I am chilling solo. I am focusing most of my productive efforts into getting a book finished by the name of Little Crawlers. It will be the 2nd installment in a hopefully someday large collection of books I write to and for my nephew. Here are a few of the images for the book 

Also, I seemed to have said "yes" to another solo show in June.... So I have that to prepare for as well now. I don't know if I want something moody of aggressive. Time will tell, those things work themselves out. 

Also, the New Guitar sounds pretty great. I might still change out a pick up but I am happy with its first field tests so far. 

One last up date. The wine I have been making is.... almost too functional but still a bit sweet for my taste. I will keep working on it. 

I went to a BBQ over at Cory's place and had a pretty pleasant time hanging out and chatting for nearly 6 hours. Other then that I its been a pretty mellow weekend. 


I also finished and published this book this weekend.